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There are numerous advantages to you when you employ a new Econo-Heater™. They save on floor space, are safe to use around children & pets, & can be painted to match any décor with water based latex paint.



Your family will be safe and warm with the magic of an Econo Heater from Blueberry Brands.
Econo-Heaters™ offer out-of-the-way wall mounting and are a truly economical way of providing safe and eco friendly efficient room heating at a low cost.

Econo-Heaters™ work anywhere additional low-cost and efficiently dispersed heating is required- from a drafty bedroom, to a restaurant dining room, to the lounge in an assisted-living facility.

Your Econo-Heater™ is designed as an alternative to eco-heater replaces 4 100-watt light bulbs.conventional space heaters and other systems that use large amounts of electricity.

They operate using the same electricity as four 100-watt light bulbs, while heating an entire room. eco green logoYour Econo-Heater™ employs relatively low wattage and highly efficient heating dispersion.

It's this combination that both saves you lots of money on your heating bills, and lowers your carbon footprint.

eco-heater's natural convection creates high-efficiency heating.  The eco-heater from Menucoverman.comUsing convection technology, heat is mainly generated behind the heater in the space between the panel and the wall, which leads to an efficient up-draft of heat circulated into the room.

This principle of convection means that about 90% of the heat comes from the back of the panel, while only 10% is radiated from the front of the panel.

This form of "background" heating is not only highly economical, but also safe and efficient.

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Every effort is made to insure the lowest competitive price. Should you find a lower price, please call us with the details, and we reserve the right to match or beat it. Tops in efficiency & usability.

Eco friendly Econo Heaters stay on the job- tirelessly- year after year!


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Please note: Your Econo-Heater turns on and off manually.
 Electrician hard-wiring a new econo heater into the wall and the house's electrical system. Want to hardwire
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Please click here for a "How To" guide
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hard-wire an Econo-Heater into your electrical system.
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Really, now, how well will
an Econo-Heater heat my space?

The Econo-Heater™ is a highly efficient and very safe heater. It is not a source of ignition as coil space heaters are, (though it is very hot to the touch), and it is not in the way, as it's wall mounted. The heat it provides is continuous. The answer to the question how well it will heat a small room where there is only an Econo-Heater™ is...

Over time, very well, IF the room is properly insulated. Unlike a forced-air central heating system, which can blast BTU's into a space to achieve the thermostat's set-point rapidly, or even central steam heat, the Econo-Heater™ will take longer to reach the desired comfort level. In a properly insulated space, the Econo-Heater™ will achieve 70º in a 10 x 12 space, but it can easily take two to three hours to get there if it is the ONLY heat source. Of course, a very poorly insulated space will never adequately heat up with only an Econo-Heater™ doing the heavy-lifting.

Our experience is that the Econo-Heater™, in general, works best to augment colder rooms and chilly spaces in a home/workspace that are already heated by a main central system. It plugs into a regular outlet; many of our customers have a licensed electrician hard-wire the unit directly into the space's wall wiring so there is no cord showing. Anyway, there's nothing like experience. Get the feel of your first unit and we think you'll see that it provides plenty of continuous warmth and comfort at a very, very low cost.. and then make future decisions based upon your real-world knowledge of how the unit functions.

Econo-Heater's Low Cost Solution Will Work For You!

• Energy saving
• Economical. Low operating costs
• Innovative design
• International safety standards approved
• Eliminates harmful electromagnetic radiation
• RoHS compliant: Heavy metal free
• Aesthetically pleasing
• Value for money
• Easy to use and maintain
• Reliable. Two year warranty
• Environmentally friendly
• Size: 23-1/4" x 23-1/4"
• 400 Watts

Underwriters Laboratories certification symbol for Menucoverman's Eco-heater product line.Econo-Heaters™ are UL listed and are certified by a variety of international safety standards; Econo Heaters are covered by a 2-year warranty.

UPS logo.AFFORDABLE DELIVERY on all orders in the lower 48 states. Plus UPS in Alaska, Hawaii and elsewhere., and we are happy to upgrade your Econo-Heater to any faster service you may request. This item can ship into Canada, however the freight is high. Call for more information.

Make your living or work space- whether residential or commercial- comfortable and toasty- tomorrow- with a quietly efficient Econo-Heater™, from Blueberry Brands.

SAFETY: Econo Heaters™ are designed to be left on for long periods of time. Econo Heaters™ operate at a relatively low surface temperature.

Although the heater is hot to the touch, it will not burn the skin if touched. It is always good practice, however, to keep an eye on infants when they are near any type of heater.

The top concerns with heater safety are the possibility of a fire. Econo Heaters™ have no exposed elements or areas for dust accumulation, therefore, the risk of fire is almost nil.

Please note Econo Heater Return Policy:
goods will be replaced NO CHARGE if advised within 10 days of receipt. Undamaged goods may be returned within 10 days of receipt. The Econo-Heater(s) must be re-packed in all original packaging, and mailed or UPS'ed to our warehouse at your expense. Regardless of the reason for the return of undamaged goods, a 25% restocking charge will be deducted from your credit card refund.

Unfortunately, opened and used Econo-Heaters, by law, can no longer be sold as "NEW," -even if they were only used for 10 minutes-and must be re-sold at significantly reduced prices; and, there is the cost of processing, return to warehouse station, and the original cost of shipping to you for us to absorb. Thank you for your understanding. Please call for a return authorization to arrange a return


Customer service.Live customer service now.
Call to place orders, ask questions.
Experienced, knowledgeable & friendly customer service
is standing by, 9AM to 11PM, EST, 7 days a week.
USA & Canada Phone Free - 888-777-4522 or 215-278-4030.

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